This is the number of times I have seen the Infernal Affairs remake: The Departed, in cinemas.


I haven’t seen a movie three times in the cinema since Sin City and even then the last two times were out of an obligation to friends.Infernal Affairs is one of my favourite movies ever so I have to admit that Scorsese and Monahan do a pretty damn good job adapting the source material. It’s almost as if they merged bits and pieces from the Infernal Affairs trilogy into The Departed but manage to keep both unique, separate, and having their own identities. Each has their strong points and some scenes are more or less exactly the same.

Take U To Da Chinatown Movies

By now, everybody knows Bangs.

Yea, your boy Bangs

He’s the Sudanese born, Melbourne based rapper responsible for such tracks as: “Meet Me On Facebook“, “Christmas Story“, and the online smash hit “Take U To Da Movies“.

This is the front cover of his debut album Hard To Be Up. I noticed the city in the reflection in his sunglasses, and behind his head, is Hong Kong. You can clearly see both IFC and Bank of China Tower! Have a look: Continue reading →

RIP Dimebag Darrell 1966 – 2004

Today marks the 6th anniversary of the untimely passing of one of the Heavy Metal greats, Dimebag Darrell Abbott. It’s been 6 long years without your music.

We miss you, mate.

Noctropolis Music

I was doing a little research into my review of Noctropolis for an Adventure Gamers writing submission. To get into the groove of the task, I looked up the game’s main musical theme on YouTube.

Just a little background into the topic, the project began when Brent Erickson and Shaun Mitchell began looking into comic book industry franchises for an adventure game adaptation. Their first choice was Batman which I have to admit would be freakin’ insane. Unfortunately, DC refused the licensing for the project so they came up with an original creation:


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An open letter to Joss Whedon

Back on August 27th, I attended the 2010 Melbourne Writer’s Festival with Emma and had the pleasure of seeing Joss Whedon give the keynote address at Melbourne Town Hall. Overall it wasn’t too bad an experience save for the interviewer who was just stale.

However, the thing that sucked was missing out on asking Joss Whedon a question when I had the opportunity. When question time came, I went down to one of the few microphones situated among the audience and lined up. The lining up didn’t bother me, the amount of morons who got to ask their questions did. When it came time for my turn at the podium Emma had her iPhone ready to film it and they announced that Joss would take no more questions! Continue reading →